UI & UX Application Design

Our Design Process

Having a idea is one thing, but the process of creating something is another story!

We have been researching the relationship between human-centric design , customer satisfaction, and business value for years. What was the outcome? Before we design any application, we first think of people who use the product and interact with it. So there’s no better way to drive and continue business than designing relevant experiences built around customer wants and needs. We believe strategy and execution work in tandem, are inseparable and essential to this process.

Full Stack Team of Designers

Our full stack team of designers partner with clients and their customers to define, design, develop, and ship products and services to market.

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full stack team of designers
user-centric design principles

User-centric Design Principles

The main focus to effective experience design is a detailed understanding of the user. It is for this reason that we put users at the center of everything we do. Via observation, prototyping , and user testing, we analyze our solutions through user’s point of view.

By patiently listening to our customers, collecting information and designing experiences based on their needs, and testing solutions in real-world scenarios, we can deliver relevant and gratifying experiences that enhance engagement, loyalty, and brand recognition for our clients.

Work with clients

We identify business opportunities, analyze existing customer experience, and form a strategic approach to success.

Know the user

We know that user research and testing is realistic, so we observe people within our design context. We assess their behavior to develop a full picture of their needs, abilities, and characteristics.

Iterate with prototypes

As part of our design solution, we employ lean prototyping methods early on, from simple or , MVP to fully functional prototypes built with the target technology.

Winning it together

Our designers are masters of digital technology and skilled coordinators, so no matter what level of experience our clients have with design, we understand how to incorporate them into our design process early on.

By closely collaborating with our clients, we establish a wide range of competencies and take a holistic approach to solving problems.
winning it together
iterate and adapt to perfect design

Iterate and adapt

All prototypes, MVP or fully functional, serve as important communication tools when flat designs or slideshows don’t effectively communicate the point across. And honestly, they rarely do.

The Process


Identify key customer and business acumen. We study existing research and analytics, competitive landscape, and current state. We conduct contextual interviews with stakeholders and use research methods such as observation, diary studies, and collaborative workshops to understand needs.


Brainstorm and explore ideas and find the best solutions. We explore the most promising opportunities by holding brainstorm sessions, workshopping, sketching, prototyping, visualizing, and testing with users. Once our confidence of the right solutions grow, we start adding more detail, and design the critical paths for the users.


After making small changes and removing impurities and perfected all the details. At Uniwebb , clients , designers, developers and end-users work together to define every detail and interaction. We do design sprints with constant prototyping and regular user validation so that we can make sure every feature is desirable, and every interaction is intuitive.


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