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Custom software development services for manufacturers around the globe.

We specialize in manufacturing software development

Our software engineers are expert in manufacturing applications, machine learning, IoT apps and supply chain solutions.
Automate for improved efficiency

Automate for improved efficiency

Autoamte your production lines and processes with intelligent and custom apps designed for manufacturers to achieve the highest level of efficiency.
 Enhance information flow

Enhance information flow

Let your staff and departments seamlessly communicate, share documents, and ideas within a secured internal social setting using our Single Store Valuse ERP platform for imrpoved communication and information flow.
Reduce operational cost

Reduce operational cost

As an innovative organization, take advantage of the emerging technologies such as AI, deep learning, computer vision, machine learning and blockchain to cut down operational costs.

Manufacturing AI Solutions

Our AI powered visual inspection capabilities ensures top quality, maximizes productivity, and optimizes business operations.
Visual Defect Leak Detection

Liquid Leak


Detect all kinds of liquid leaks
Tiny/large, slow/quick leaks
Require only 1-10 defect images, with our SMALL DATA TECHNOLOGY


Automobile: engines, tanks, mufflers
Storage: chemical, oil, water leaks
Inspection: pipeline, refinery, drilling

Business Value

Improve quality, revenue, safety, compliance

Air Leak


Detect, track air/bubble leaking for videos
Tiny single bubble leak
Continuous leaking
ID leaking locations


Pressurized equipment
Medical devices
Food packaging

Business Value

Improve quality, revenue, safety, compliance
Visual Defect Micro Particle Detection & Tracking


Detect, track & classify defects: fiber, glass, metal, dirt and foreign materials
Track multiple defects simultaneously
Distinguish between acceptable anomalies like air bubbles, scratches vs. targeted defects



Business Value

Improve quality, revenue, safety, compliance
Visual Surface Defect Detection



Defects: scratches, cracks, chips, dents, holes, smudges
Materials: metal, alloy, glass, plastic, wood, textile
Precision up to 99%; speed up to ms; require SMALL DATA sets


Manufacturing of all kinds

Business Value

Improve quality, price & brand
Reduce waste & labor
Visual Geometric Measurement & Detection

Liquid Leak


Shape, pattern detection
Missing parts or out of sequence
Positioning, measuring
Adapt to rotation, lighting


Assembly packaging and shipping

Business Value

Reduce cost, waste
Improve quality, revenue, price, brand
Visual Classification: Parts or Defects



Classification of similar parts
Classification of defect categories


Manufacturing assembly line
Reduce shipping error
Root cause analysis on defects

Business Value

Reduce assembly/shipping mistakes
Reduce waste, write offs

At Uniwebb, You Imagine, We Build

Manufacturing Root Cause Analysis

We use machine learning to predict & prevent losses in prodcution yield and quality
manufacturing root cause analysis

Why you need to look for the Root Cause in your manufacturing process?

Failing to treat Root Cause, results in Recurring Problems.
RCA is about recognizing between the intermediate cause and the root cause of the problem.

Problems with conventional Root Cause Analysis

Primarily rely on-site expert knowledge.
Error prone and inaccurate solutions.
Complex production lines.
Don’t makes sense of existing data if collected.
If data is collected, it requires expert engineers to do the analysis.
RCA is not shared across plants of the same manufacturer leading to more mistakes and unpredicted downtime that could have been prevented.
Failing to detect root cause

The advantage of data-driven Root Cause Analysis powered by Machine Learning

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence and is a computer algorithm that learns from data and automatically improves though experience.

These machine learning algorithms are written in the form of models and are trained with manufacturer’s historical data to make intelligent predictions and decisions using real-time data.

With a combination of advanced algorithms of machine learning with big data analytics, Root Cause Analysis can be performed utilizing automated methods.

These methods are neutral and purely rely upon historic and real-time data from the production floor. Other benefits are:

Early detection of safety issues.
Reduced emissions due to accurate monitoring of the entire production process.
Identification of complex process disruptions eg. inefficiency of a reactor.
More efficient electrical consumption through anomaly detection.
Predicting quality deviations and adjusting processes to prevent the waste of raw materials.
Smart Video Solutions.
Surveillance and Security.
Smart Waste Management.

How we detect inconsistency during RCA?

When machine learning based RCA is performed during the manufacturing production line, inconsistencies may occur which indicates the presence of an anomaly.

How these anomalies can be distinguished from a normal working system?

We use machine learning to train the neural networks to analyze the data obtained from their respective equipments that are in normal operating conditions. An inconsistency or an anomaly becomes evident in the form of patterns of deviation in the amplitude, period, or synchronization phase of a signal when compared to normal system’s behavior. If the predicted values generated on the graph is not in line of the threshold obtained during the initial training phase, an alert is sent.

Here are a few examples of inconsistencies detected during automated root cause analysis:

Component failure.
Abnormal process input parameters (eg. off-spec material composition).
Corrupt sensor values.
Changes made to the control logic (eg. via the PLC).
Changes in environmental conditions.

So, is this the end of industry expertise?

Automated root cause analysis reduces the overall dependency on expert knowledge, but it doesn’t diminish the value of on-site experts who are vital in monitoring, validating and managing the RCA process.

Additionally, automated root cause analysis is powered by machine learning and probabilistic graphical models that need to be trained in order to be able to perform inference. This makes on-site experience critical in ensuring a system that takes into account all relevant parameters.

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Streamline your manufacturing business process with Store4, our
scalable automated sales force ERP System.

It is the first ever social ERP user friendly cloud application where you can manage your entire sales order/inventory/billing/shipping process smoothly.

Team members can communicate and collaborate with each other within a private social networking environment, make comments, share control versioned documents and follow company protocols. All products are availabe on-premise and in the cloud, (SaaS) solutions.

Advanced software platforms for your business

We develop applications for mobile, web, wearables, tv, IoT, chatbot


Manufacture Business Management Software Solutions

Customizable CRM, CMS, ERP, MRP Systems for manufacturing industries

We have created customizable, scalable and real-time software products to streamline your manufacturing process and meet your business needs

store4 CRM

Store4 CRM

Customer Relationship Management
A cloud based customizable, scalable and modular manufacture CRM plus a collaborative professional private networking system between employees and executives. Improve customer relations and optimize your marketing.
store4 ERP

Store4 ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning
Modern, feature rich customizable manufacture ERP system with functionality that automates complex processes and delivers the industrial and operational insights to make sensitive and strategic decisions.
store4 MRP

Store4 MRP

Manufacturing Resource Planning
A customizable manufacture MRP based on your specific business needs. Manage inventory, intelligently project company’s cash flow, track accurate changes in delivery times, predict customer orders, due dates and outcomes!
store4 CMS

Store4 CMS

Content Management System
We built our CMS to address the needs of manufacturers. It is highly customizable, scalable, modular, secure and built to handle large data and support your everyday website management needs.
store4 booking system

Store4 Booking

Booking System
Our customizable cloud based booking system is perfect for your success as it increases both employee and client satisfaction anytime, anywhere.
store4 social

Store4 Social

Social Management
A professional private networking system for manufacturers that allows real-time communication and collaboration between employees. Can share version controlled documents, images and videos.