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machine learning development

Machine Learning

Machine Learning and data science consulting services to discover insights for intelligent decision-making and enable automation in any organization.
IOT development

Internet of Things

Let's build your IoT app and customize it according to your business needs. We use Flutter/Dart programming in IoT. Collect, analyze, and convert raw data into useful insights.
computer vision development

Computer Vision

Imagine your AI platforms with image recognition, OCR or Optical Character Recognition, video analysis and multi-dimensional data understanding.
chatbot development

Chatbot Development

Your own advanced voice-enabled AI chatbots that are scalable, modern and fully customizable for startups, ecommerce, and other customer centric organizations.
natural language processing

Natural Language Processing

Text mining and analytics is a branch of artificial intelligence technology that uses a variety of methodologies to process text, and prepare them for actionable insights.
robotic process automation

Robotic Process Automation

Focus on core competencies by reducing human efforts and automating recurring and high-volume transactional tasks with RPA and AI.
custom software development

Custom Software Development

Think of building advanced software slutions to help your enterprises unleash innovation. Mitigate risk with Uniwebb Software to propel your digital transformation.
smart mobile app development

Smart App Development

You are safe to work with an experienced smart app development company to enable your smart apps with predictive analysis capabilities and deliver a more personalized and engaging user experience.

We Build Smart Mobile Apps

Our smart mobile app development team develops the most cutting-edge technologies on the planet!

What's a Smart Mobile App?

A smart mobile app may include NLP or Natural Language processing ability for enhanced communication and accessibility. It may feature several augmented reality elements like virtual manufacturing tours or virtual home tours, virtual map overlays and virtual computer games.

As an experienced smart mobile app development company, we enable smart mobile apps with predictive analysis capabilities to deliver a more personalized, engaging user experience perfect for ecommerce apps, dating site apps, or restaurant recommendation apps and other mobile apps

Mobile AI Chatbots

Make your mobile app smarter and communicate with your customers 24/7 and empower your in-bound marketing strategies by using artificial intelligence and machine learning by integrating our Ginibot AI chatbot platform

Mobile Apps

Use IoT to transfer data flexibly between devices. An example is to build tracking IoT mobile apps to measure your heart rate and footsteps throughout the day to calculate calories burned.

Data Driven Mobile Apps

We build innovative data driven mobile app business applications to help organizations make intelligent predictive business decisions by analyzing data from multiple data sources in real time .

App Personalization

Enhance user experience by providing instant gratification to millennial who love personalization and customization. millennial make up the largest segment of the US labor work.

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Big Data Consulting & Development Services

Uniwebb’s Big Data Consulting, development and Implementation Services transforms the legacy IT infrastructure by carefully evaluating the degree of technology maturity and business objectives across our client's enterprise.

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We develop applications for mobile, web, wearables, tv, IoT, chatbot

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