Big Data Consulting and Development Services

Turn your data into actionable insights and make intelligent business decisions

What is Big Data?

Big Data is the new oil!

Uniwebb’s Big Data Consulting, development and Implementation Services transforms the legacy IT infrastructure by carefully evaluating the degree of technology maturity and business objectives across our client's enterprise. Our data scientists assist our clients derive actionable insights and gain agile and competitive advantage. We are positioned to help organizations radiate a data-driven world by creating scalable, secure and agile big data solutions.

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Big Data

How we work with our clients?

Study the most appropriate approach to source and connect data and extract business values
Destruction of pesky data silos and turn data into actionable analytics
Architect, develop and deliver customized big data warehouses and lakes
Ensemble security and scalability of small and large networks of data platform
Fully support, maintain, optimize and manage Big Data platforms

Big Data and Analytics Services

Do you have customized data needs? Our team of data scientists help our clients to transform from their complex and aged data system to an advanced real-time data processing platform empowered by AI and machine learning.
Comprehensive and Strategic Consulting
Big Data Project Assessment
Data Warehouse and Data Lake Architecture and Design
Disaster recovery
Existing cloud optimization
Predictive and Real-Time Analytics Design and Implementation
Big Data Software and Platform development
Machine Learning and AI
ETL Design and Development
Data Governance and Security Management
Data Integration Services
Optimization, Maintenance and Support services
Data Visualization
Querying and Reporting
Scalable Data Processing and Management
Data Science and Custom Data Modelling
Data Warehouse Modernization and Cloud Migration

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Reducing Costs
Time Savings
New or improved products
New product development and optimized offerings
Intelligent decisions makings.
Reducing Cost Cost Reduction
time savings Time Savings
Business Ready Business ready
Improved product Improved products
decision making Intelligent decision making

Uniwebb Software's Data Scientists are determined to bringing change to your Business

Our Data Scientists will work hands in hands with your internal IT staff and thoroughly study your existing data infrastructure from a variety of the disparate sources, deliver new insight
critical for better decision-making processes and help our clients to achieve their goals. By carefully analyzing the seven important dimensions of Big Data: volume, velocity, variety, variability, veracity, visualization and complexity of client’s data, Uniwebb’s Data Scientists and software development teams will propose an intelligent and optimal
solution to address specific client’s targeted marketing and business needs.

Industries we work with

Uniwebb's Big Data consulting and development services reinforced with our artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities are designed to satisfied our unique client's business objectives, budgets, and flexible programs. Uniwebb scientific team and developers, and QA experts diligently work with SMEs to help them transform digitally and benefit from their data investment.

Businesses built on data

Isn’t it true that most technology harbingers always rip the rewards? Companies like Amazon, eBay, Paypal, Yahoo, Google and the list goes on, recognized internet technology opportunity early on and took action.
Where are they standing now?

Big Data is vital to the Fourth Industrial Revolution In fact we believe without it, there’s no Fourth Industry or Industry 4.0! In that sense Big data is increasingly becoming a key business asset in its own right.
Businesses that recognized it as an opportunity, built their entire business platform on data and are the most successful companies in the world. Among them Apple, Google and Uber.

companies are leveraging the power of Big Data and represent a new way to use it effectively to provide services to people when and where they want them.
Don’t be an observer and jump on the Big Data band wagon. Let us help you build the Big Data infrastructure for efficient data collection, advanced data analysis and significantly optimize your business performance.
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