About Us

We are a group of curious software engineers, creative graphic artists and caring technology consultants

We are a custom software development company in Sacramento’s technology hub Folsom, CA.

We enjoy our nature and its mechanisms and are advocates of nature-inspired coordination models. We continuously search to innovate and impress our customers with our software solutions.
We have been serving our clients since 2012 and now as we experience the major economical paradigm shift, we expanded our services to building more custom and challenging software applications and products like Big Data, blockchain technologies, IoT apps, AI / machine learning systems and advanced mobile solutions.

Who Are We?

We are a software development firm and keen in helping start-ups, entrepreneurs, small and large businesses to become successful in their technology endeavors.
Coming from a diverse scientific and marketing backgrounds like biology, manufacturing, construction, finance and real estate, we understand your industry jargon and behavior, therefore delivering a smooth software solution to satisfy your technology needs.

We cater our custom software development services to many industries and institutions. Below is a list of the ones that are subject to most technology disruption:

We transform your ideas into an amazing software solution

Earlier we mentioned we’re advocates of nature-inspired coordination models.
A complex mathematical computational system that provides abstractions and mechanisms to harness space of interaction.
Just as how nature-inspired technology is transforming our world, Our science minded engineers enjoy transforming your ideas into an amazing software solution.
At Uniwebb Software, We have the skillsets and capabilities to build and create the most challenging software products there is.
challenging Software Application Development

Our Focus

We excel in many areas but our main focus is depicted below.
Our service focus area

Our area of expertise

Having developed over 500+ products and services, ranging from simple web and mobile applications to complex custom software platforms like our own cloud based SaaS automated sales solution ERP, CRM, ERP, CMS, AI-powered conversational chatbot platform and multi-chain convoluted systems like IoT and machine learning, we have accumulated vast experience and technologies in the following areas:
IoT Solutions, AI powered applications and Computer vision technology.
Smart iOS & Android mobile app development
Building complex business applications suitable to our client's needs.
Building applications and solutions that function as analytical tools to process and store Big Data. If you ask us “what’s your forte?” We answer “Big Data”. We are expert in Java programming language and it's our programming language of choice for most complex high load applications, because it is highly capable of supporting large volume of user requests accordingly. For the same exact reason most software framwork of distributed storage and processing of big data are written in Java to solve problems hovering massive amounts of data and computation.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - We are certified RPA developers and can automate your business processes without causing disruption to underlying systems.
Professional bot development services.
We know ASP.NET in and out and expert in .NET framework to build desktop, web and mobile apps, IoT Apps and modern cloud based internet connected applications.
We Can convert and modernize Microsoft’s legacy programs and applications

So now....You tell us what you need and we build it for you. We listen to you, we identify your business needs and offer you a solution.

Our Process

We work with clients here in the US and abroad and believe transparency and trust is the key to a successful delivery of any software projects:
Project Initiation

This is the intro phase, where we will learn more about your business, your goals, your desired timeframe and define the project scope.


we will determine in a clear and precise fashion what is to be built and deliver requirement specifications, domain ontology(things, action, states), typical and atypical scenarios.


The purpose is to prevent any possible defects and faults, timely software update to maintain smooth operation.

Our Methodology

We use two methodological approaches for developing software applications:
RUP Methodology

Rational Unified Process

We use RUD for turnkey, fixed priced contracts. It is an interactive/Incremental lifecycle model splitting the project life cycle into 4 phases: inception, elaboration, construction and transition.

Agile Methodology


In this approcah we use concurrent, incremental and iterative work sequesces called sprints where we break the product into smaller builds. We faciliate a highly productive team work environment for businesees, stakeholders, developers and clients to develop a product.

Our Agile / Scrum Process

It’s a great way to build custom software to the desired project scope within timeline and budget.
Our agile / scrum process

We are top rated

Just take a look at what our clients say about us. We thank them a lot for top ranking us and for using our solutions.
skyline homes
Rafael Sylva, Skyline Homes
Uniwebb team is committed and provides personable service. They are flexible and iterate quickly.
Earl Lavagnino, Portaras
Bo was able to create a web based system that met our challenging requirements and we continue to work with Bo to this day. I highly recommend Bo and Uniwebb.
Thomas Schwab, Baier
Whenever there was a problem or advise was needed, we could rely on BO. I can only recommend his service.
Sheila Nia, Memobed
This company is literally amazing! They designed and developed our site from scratch. We are extremely happy with Uniwebb's services. If you want your project done!! Call them. Highly recommended.
Furniture usa
Ken Nguyen, Furniture USA
I am very impressed by Uniwebb team’s quality, professionalism and understanding and of the team working on our project.
B.Peterson, GSS
I highly recommend Uniwebb Software and their knowledgable team.

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