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Uniwebb Software will be an extension to your IT team! We are your best friend when it comes to custom software development . We are always on top of our game and focused on every aspect of IoT ecosystem, from hardware programming to device and sensor programming to end-user IoT application development.
We use Flutter which is an open-source mobile app development SDK to develop IoT Web and mobile apps for both- Android & iOS.

Empower your normal AC power plug, socket or switch with IoT to magically control any electrical equipment anywhere using a mobile device with Bluetooth capability.

Whether you are an IoT provider or an enterprise adopter, We empower your devices with IoT solutions to help your business outplay competition and reach out your audience with advanced IOT applications.

IOT App for Automotive Industry

You noticed smart cars on the road? Well, you guessed it…Yep… they are IOT connected vehicles. This is where IOT technology exceeds driver’s expectations and then some! Uniwebb is very well versed to provide custom IoT application development using Flutter/Dart programming for:
Audio & Infotainment.
Predictive maintenance.
Keyless Entry.
GPS based navigation systems.
IOT for automotive

IOT App for CITIES – Smart Cities

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers new opportunities for cities to use data to manage traffic, cut pollution, make better use of infrastructure and keep citizens safe.

Cities all over the world are gradually realizing there are smart solutions that can provide them with practical benefits to increase efficiency in the lives of their citizens to include environmental improvements and of course serious cost savings. Uniwebb delivers IOT application development services using Flutter/Dar programming technologies for:

Smart Street Lights.
Traffic control and Monitoring.
Smart Parking.
Smart Health.
Smart Energy.
Smart Video Solutions.
Surveillance and Security.
Smart Waste Management.

IOT for Homes – Smart Homes

According to Statista, the amount of connected products will triple from 2018 to 2025 and reach a massive 75 billion devices installed worldwide. Don’t be left out in the dust and stay ahead of your game. Let Uniwebb help you build products that takes control of your customer’s homes from anywhere in the world. As long as there is WIFI, Internet, or cellular data connection.

Uniwebb provides the following IOT application development using Flutter/Dart technologies for Smart Homes:

Smart Lighting Management.
Waste Management.
Water Leakage Detection.
Home Devices Management & Control.
Parking Management.
Home Security Management.

M2M/Industrial IOT Solutions

Uniwebb offers industrial IoT applications development based on Flutter / Dart open source platform by Google where we unlock the value of connected devices, cloud and data analytics to empower IIoT solution providers as well as businesses in such industries as manufacturing, oil and gas, agriculture, transportation, logistics and more. Our skills and solutions help enterprise adopters to increase operational efficiency, worker safety, quality control and corporate social responsibility. Read on to find out how it works across multiple sectors.

Uniwebb provides the following IOT application development for M2M Industries:

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring.
Temperature Monitoring.
Ozone Presence.
Asset Management.
Auto Diagnostics.
Sensor Based Decision Making for Machines- Automation.

IOT for Healthcare – Smart Health

Uniwebb’s goal is to help healthcare organizations to enjoy innovation and its undisputed benefits such as reducing costs, improving patient treatment and workflow optimization. Here are the areas where we can help you build your IOT Health Systems:
Remote health monitoring.
Ambulance telemetry.
Drug tracking.
Hospital asset tracking.
Access control.
Ultraviolet Radiation.

IOT for Retail Industry – Smart Retail

The retail space is continuously evolving. New strategies and technologies are rapidly emerging, however it’s important to remember that stores are still a critical part in a retailer’s multi-channel strategy. We help retailers adopt the latest management technology in order to gain and maintain a competitive edge.

Uniwebb provides the following IOT application development using Flutter/Dart technologies for retail industry:

Omnichannel experience.
Supply Chain Control.
NFC Payment.
Intelligent Shopping Applications.
Smart Product Management.
Product Placement.
Commercial Lighting.
Point of Sale.

Challenging Software Projects

Our engineers at Uniwebb Software are expert in Flutter / Dart technologies and are applied computer scientists and love to solve and build scalable products and applications that are challenging. In fact the more esoteric the problem, the happier we are.
We specialize in:

Mathematical entities and organizations
Systems and numeric analysis
Dynamic programming
Signal processing
challenging Software Application Development
Sofware Development Process

Software Development Process

At Uniwebb Software we know how to build sophisticated IoT applications using Google Flutter / Dart technologies and employ methodology that is best suited for IoT projects.

In all of our IoT project development processes we use both formal (Waterfall) and agile(Scrum and Kanban) methodologies to deliver fully functioning programs and exceed our customer’s expectations.

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