High Load Application Development

How Highload can affect your application’s performance?

In the world of computer programming “load” means the amount of data that is copied from the main memory into the data registry. And in networking it means the amount of data that’s being carried out by the network or a system.

Highload means " big amount of data” computed or processed simultaneously and with improper handling can lead to system inefficiency that can cost the company money and reputation.

So a high load app must be capable of handling large number of user’s requests simultaneously. There’s no set rules to determine Highload applications. Each project is unique and can be addressed individually to determine Highload status with any number of users.

At Uniwebb Software we help our customers by horizontally scale their applications to any achievable number of users.

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How do you know if your application is a Highload app and needs scaling?

There are a few monitoring systems like:
Zabbix .

that can help to determine if it’s time for your system to be scaled.

Uniwebb software is a .NET specialist

For desktop and server side application development. We use .NET for high-level programming language to build large scale applications. If your current application is based on .NET framework and you’re hosted in a Microsoft environment, then this is for you.
.net programming language
Java programming language

We also have expert JAVA engineers

to help build scalable projects.
We love Java because:

It’s a portable.
Works with any operating system .
Has superior object relational support.
Calls the database less often, keeping everything in domain objects.
Java apps integrate more seamlessly with other platforms.
Java has automatic garbage collection system allowing us to build high load app solutions dealing with huge data volume.
Complex tasks can be resolved faster with multiple processor threads during Java apps development.

Being a professional software developer we know how to build sophisticated and complex projects.

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