Custom Software Development

Custom Application Development Services - The More Challenging, The More We Love It!

Custom Software Development is what we deal with everyday!

We breath, eat and sleep developing custom software applications and passion is an understatement.
We have been serving our clients since 2012 and now as we experience the major economical paradigm shift, we expanded our services to building more custom and challenging software applications and products like Big Data, Blockchain Technologies, IoT apps, AI / machine learning systems and advanced mobile solutions.

Custom Software vs Generic Applications

Generic applications

Generic applications or products are built for a specific purpose only and are limited in functionalities offered in the applications. They are hardly adaptable and subject to more security breach. They are available as off-the shelf products to consumers. This means the user has no flexibility in customizing them as per their business requirements. Most of the time generic apps have features you will never use. Have a difficult and tedious learning curve and it’s an app that everyone uses. Nothing special!
generic vs custom applications

Custom Software

Custom software is built primarily for brand conscientious organizations, service oriented companies and enterprises to streamline their internal business processes.

They are adaptable and much more secure than generic software applications. If you are building your brand and intend to set yourself apart from the competition:
You want to build a custom software application that is specifically made for you and one one else has it.
You want your software application to adhere to your business rules and regulations. Have features and functionalities you will use in your everyday business conduct.
You want to be in full control of your business application software and be flexible in what you want from it and make sure it represents your brand.
You want it to be adaptable, secure and seamlessly integrate with your other existing software applications you’re currently using in your organization. A functionality almost not available with generic applications.
Another advantage of having your own custom made software application is that unlike generic applications, it has a short learning curve for your management and employees since the software application is built according to your familiar business rules and regulations.
So now....You tell us what you need and we build it for you. We listen to you, we identify your business needs and offer you a solution.

Challenging Software Projects

Our engineers at Uniwebb Software are not only programmers but are also applied computer scientists and love to solve and build scalable products and applications that are challenging. In fact the more complex the problem, the more we enjpoy it.
We specialize in:
Mathematical entities and organizations
Systems and numeric analysis
Dynamic programming
Signal processing
challenging Software Application Development
Sofware Development Process

Software Development Process

At Uniwebb Software we know how to build sophisticated applications and employ methodology that is best suited for such projects.

In all of our project development processes we use both formal (Waterfall) and agile(Scrum and Kanban) methodologies to deliver fully functioning programs and exceed our customer’s expectations.

Streamline your business process with Store4, our
customizable & scalable automated sales force ERP System.

It is the first ever social ERP user friendly cloud application where you can manage your entire sales order/billing/shipping process smoothly.

Team members can communicate and collaborate with each other within a private social networking environment, make comments, share documents and follow company protocols. It comes in two versions: SaaS, subscription based services and enterprise.

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