SaaS Solutions

Software As A Services (SaaS) is a cloud based licensing model that allows clients to use the service via subscription over the internet.

What are the benefits of SaaS?

It will save the user time and money setting up the software application.
The cost and efforts to maintain, upgrade the software, new releases is considerably lower than other traditional models.
Lower maintenance cost such as server and storage. there is less demand for the company to invest in new hardware.
Most SaaS solutions are available in fully scalable cloud environments and can easily be integrated with other SaaS products and offerings.

Possible SaaS Software Applications

ERP systems
ERP systems
MRP systems
MRP systems
project management system
Project management systems
data management systems
Data management systems
Expense management systems
Expense management systems
storage management systems
Storage management systems
document management systems
Document management systems
Scheduling events systems
Scheduling events and more

Our Expertise

We know SaaS alright. We have successfully designed and developed our own series of SaaS CRM, ERP, MRP, CMS, Booking and Social solutions called store4 that’s currently being offered to small business and enterprise organizations all over the globe. Some features to demonstrate our competency in SaaS solutions development include:

Secured payments
Supports multiple methods of payment including cash, credit card, and EFT.
Easy integration into your exisiting infrastructure. Simplify all your buinsess processes.
Product Management
Conveniently manage unlimited number of products and services.
Secured storage
Track complete records of your storage(s) from one central location.
Vendor Management
Effectively manage your vendors and maintain vital information to make intelligent business decisions.
Client management
Enjoy a 360° understanding of your client's activity, like sales, purchases, manufacturing etc...
Quotes and Invoices
Easily create quotes and invoices or any other business documents
Inventory Management
Monitor and manage the complete inventory cycle for your organization
Align your manufacturing and inventory processes
eCommerce Module
Convert your SaaS ERP into a powerful eCommerce site.
Marketing Campaigns
Manage, track and analyze all marketing campaigns—including email, direct mail, events and multi-channel campaigns—in a single application.
Tax management
Set up sales tax calculations (Rooftop) in your eCommerce platform using integrated solutions
Document Management
Social document management collaboration system
Form Builder
Easily create unlimited number of multi-purpose forms.
Account Management
Manage all of you accounts from one secure location
Private Social Network
Seamless collaboration of employees within corporate structure

Areas of our expertise in SaaS software application development

Cloud computing
Data mining
Highload systems
Image processing
Big data
Payment system integration
Google services integration
Third party integrations
Social network systems
Full-text search
Database systems: MYSQL, Solr engine, MSSQL, Postgres,etc…

Our SaaS Management Software Solutions

CRM, CMS, ERP, MRP Systems for your business

We have created customizable, scalable and real-time SaaS software products to streamline your business process and meet your corporate demands

store4 CRM

Store4 CRM

Customer Relationship Management
A cloud based customizable, scalable and modular CRM plus a collaborative professional private networking system between employees and executives. Improve customer relations and optimize your marketing.
store4 ERP

Store4 ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning
Modern, efficient and feature rich business specific customizable ERP system with functionality that automates complex processes and delivers the industrial and operational insights.
store4 MRP

Store4 MRP

Manufacturing Resource Planning
A customizable MRP based on your specific business needs. Manage inventory, intelligently project company’s cash flow, track accurate changes in delivery times, predict customer orders, due dates and outcomes!
store4 CMS

Store4 CMS

Content Management System
We built our CMS to address the needs of well funded organizations.It is highly customizable, scalable, secure and built to handle large data and support your everyday website management needs.
store4 booking system

Store4 Booking

Booking System
Our customizable cloud based booking system is perfect for your success as it increases both employee and client satisfaction anytime, anywhere.
store4 social

Store4 Social

Social Management
A professional private networking system that allows real-time communication and collaboration between employees. Can share version controlled documents, images and videos.