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Blockchain Technology

Uniwebb’s professional expertise will enable you to explore and navigate the potential of the breakthrough blockchain and pilot solutions tailored to your business needs.
For the first time, blockchain technology guarantees users 99.99%, a safe and secure digital asset transfer over the internet. This digital asset can be described as any file such as document, image, or video.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a decentralized database that securly and effciently stores the registry, assets, and transactions across the pier-to-pier network. Simpley said, it's basically a public registry of who owns what and who transacts what?
All these transaction are written in codes and secured through cryptography. Everytime a tranaction is submitted to a blockchain, a new block containing a digital signature, timestamp with relevant information is created. If the same transaction is changed and resubmitted, it will be added to a new subequent block, which is a copy of the previous block.
So over time the transaction history gets locked in blocks of data that are then cryptographically linked and secured together.
This process creates an immutable and un-forged record of the the transactions across this pier-to-pier network called blockchain.

What industries most likely will be disrupted by Blockchain technology?

There is a wide range of applications within many industries that can be supported by Blockchain technology. The most well known is cryptocurrency like Bitcoins. Blockchain-based applications include any business transaction that involves Business order tracking, Supply chain, Banking and Finance, E-learning, Healthcare, Online shopping portals, Insurance, Travel, Music, Renewable energy, Contract validation and so on.

Blockchain technology benefits

Blockchain in causing a manjor paradaigm shift in the way we do things and run our business. Here are key benefits:
Reduction of data storage cost
Saving time
Elimination of data duplication
Enhancement of data security
Risk reduction
Blockchain technolgy benefits
Sofware Development Process

Software Development Process

At Uniwebb Software we know how to build sophisticated applications and employ methodology that is best suited for such projects.

In all of our project development processes we use both formal (Waterfall) and agile(Scrum and Kanban) methodologies to deliver fully functioning programs and exceed our customer’s expectations.

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