Private Social Network + Cloud ERP

Be in touch with co-workers across your organization to make informed decision, all the time.

Professional Networking Environment (PNE)

Store4 is the first ever built ERP solution with a professional networking environment. We believe creating such space will encourage employees to become more productive, enhancing camaraderie spirit and build a sense of belonging to the organization.

Seamless communication between executives and employees provides opportunities for creative leadership that will raise the bar remarkably high, inspiring members to do the impossible, and an almost unwavering ability to focus.

Steve Jobs believed in this strategy. He conducted regular open meetings with his employees, encouraged communication and explored ideas and innovative opportunities. Today apple is a household name and often mentioned as an innovative company in any talks of private or public events.

Work Intelligent, Work Together

Manage, optimize, track and reconcile your business with Store4 Social ERP. Stay on top of events every day!

For small, medium, or enterprise teams

With website content mangement,customer management, invoices and books, simple purchase management, sales and billing management, vendor management, strategic chart of accounts, comprehensive stock management, customizable financial reports and more, Store4 social ERP meets all your business needs.
Small team or Enterprise solution
Cloud Based ERP System

Cloud Based ERP System

Cloud-based ERP tools for companies of all sizes - Store4 is an easy to use cloud application where you can manage your entire order / billing / shipping process smoothly.

Track every phase of your business

Track every phase of your business sales process, from your initial contact with a customer to the final invoice and billing.
mobile ready ERP
Document Collaboration ERP System

Collaborate with co-workers, customers in a safe environment

Save time crafting the perfect message
Participate in important discussions to excel your work along faster.
Get immediate responses to your questions.
Enjoy productive, and genuine conversation with creative people and experts across your organization.
Be original with your work
Avoid repeating work of others. Speed up your own productivity by learning from others.
Create or join groups related to your work, department or interests.
Get help or ask questions and receive answers from volunteers.
Share documents, photos and videos and tag along with your conversation.

Document Collaboration

Share Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, images and videos across groups, teams and get feedback immediately. All documents have versions and you will always see the latest draft and can access older versions at any time.
Document Collaboration
smart customized reports

Smart reports

We have The ability to quickly create and modify custom reports that directly relates to your business needs. Proper and smart reporting gives businesses the flexibility to collect, edit, share and analyze data in the best format possible. This will allow your team to quickly and easily get relevant informationin a meaningful format.

Mobile ready

With our app, you will have more time, energy, and resources for what's really important: developing your own products and conquering the market.
mobile ready ERP
smart customized reports

Form builder

Create unlimited number of forms with a click of a button.

Enterprise ready solution for easy customization

Let us know what you need and we will build it for you

SaaS Sales Force ERP Features

Secured payments
Supports multiple methods of payment including cash, credit card, and EFT.
Easy integration into your exisiting infrastructure. Simplify all your buinsess processes.
Product Management
Conveniently manage unlimited number of products and services.
Secured storage
Track complete records of your storage(s) from one central location.
Vendor Management
Effectively manage your vendors and maintain vital information to make intelligent business decisions.
Client management
Enjoy a 360° understanding of your client's activity, like sales, purchases, manufacturing etc...
Quotes and Invoices
Easily create quotes and invoices or any other business documents
Inventory Management
Monitor and manage the complete inventory cycle for your organization
Align your manufacturing and inventory processes
eCommerce Module
Convert your SaaS ERP into a powerful eCommerce site.
Marketing Campaigns
Manage, track and analyze all marketing campaigns—including email, direct mail, events and multi-channel campaigns—in a single application.
Tax management
Set up sales tax calculations (Rooftop) in your eCommerce platform using integrated solutions

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