MVP Prototyping

Minimum Viable Product is a simpler version of your end product.

What is MVP Prototyping

MVP stand for “Minimum Viable Product”. With this approach you will:

Minimize your development cost

Minimize your development cost

Reduce the risk of losing major investment

Reduce the risk of losing major investment

A successful software project requires solid understanding of the process it entails, from the concept to reality.

We learned from our experiences time and a time again that well thought preparation will lead to successful products and thousands of dollars in savings.

We believe the initial phase of any successful software development is to create a Proof of Concept (POC) that may involve several iterations before they are deemed ready for the next phase of building a prototype.

The main purpose of POC is to prove that the principal concept is viable and usability isn’t considered at this time. This method allows us to have a clear understanding of the story, the time it will take to complete and demonstrate the functionality of the concept.

POC is created by Uniwebb team of developers and presented to the client.


So, POC proves the concept is viable, while a prototype demonstrates how it will be done. This can start with client’s story board or sketches followed by Uniwebb’s fully functional interactive prototype of the end product.

We create expressive designs, visual effects and navigation of the app and communicate that to clients and their stakeholders in order to maximize the efficiency of the development process.

We believe design is a vey important part of development. Even though it may require more of a financial outlay at first, it can save significant amount of time and money in the log run.

Think of Prototype as visual representation of your end product and a way to test your product for functionality, workflow, possible errors through out the process and user flow demonstration.

Overall prototype provides an opportunity to evaluate your product and correct possible errors, attract investors and an indication to start developing your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Minimum Viable Product is a simpler version of your end product. It has the minimum features for the product to function properly and can be launched in a short period of time.
minimum viable product

The idea of MVP was first introduced by Eric Ries.

He describes an MVP as a synthesis of two extremes. There is one school of thought, when it comes to product design, that’s very much a case of “we have one shot at this, let’s get it right by building the most perfect product possible”.

That’s actually rational. If you only got one shot, you wanna take the best shot you have and that’s perfectly fine. But the issue is what if you spent 5 years on RND and large amount of dollars to build the product you think your customers want but then discover two years later they don’t!

So the other possible extreme approach is: Let’s just do release and release often.
With this approach you think of the absolute possible minimum number of features that can attract your customers or evangelists and launch your product.

How do I figure out the Minimum number of features?

Entrepreneurs perception of the MVP might be different. To some MVP means a lot of features.To those entrepreneurs we suggest to add the number of the features and then divide them by two and again by two! Then launch.

Truth: Most features of most products are just dead weight and customer don’t care about them and that’s the worst that can happen to your product! So try to eliminate those and launch without them.
Logic: Save time and money.
Logic: You can always add useful features based on your customer’s feedback.
Experience: Early adopters are very forgiving of the missing features and they see the vision and you can engage in dialogue with them and go through that learning feedback loop. don’t care if you don’t have a feature as long as they find your product useful.

Reason people don’t do the MVP:

The fear of false negative.Like I shipped my MVP and if I just had that one feature, people would’ve loved it but they didn’t and they hated it, so why would I build a MVP that I know customer will hate! Of course nothing wrong with reasoning.

All I wanted to do is ship anyway.

You never know. Maybe customers will love it even though it doesn’t have feature X and you can go on and be successful and if you’re wrong and they really need the feature X, you just go ahead and build it.

If you wanna do minimum viable product You have to be prepared to iterate and have the courage to get negative feedback and respond.

Why Uniwebb is a perfect fit for MVP prototyping

We have developed many software applications including our very own private social ERP SAAS solution and built many modules that can be utilized in various case scenarios. This will shorten the development time substantially and allow for much faster product release.

Overall we highly recommend to build your software or hardware products in iterations. Remember it’s always easier to add a good and wanted feature by your customers than dealing with a feature that’s unwanted and initially wasted money to build it.

Sofware Development Process

Software Development Process

At Uniwebb Software we know how to build sophisticated applications and employ methodology that is best suited for such projects.

In all of our project development processes we use both formal (Waterfall) and agile(Scrum and Kanban) methodologies to deliver fully functioning programs and exceed our customer’s expectations.