Project Management

Your terms. Your budget. Our dedication to deliver value.

We put our client’s needs first

Your project team at Uniwebb Software work closely with clients to ensure long term business success, whether your objective is scalability or compliance with industry standards.

Software development life cycle

Software Development Life Cycle

At Uniwebb Software we have our own designed SDLC that’s based on flexible development with continuous deployments and numerous iterations. With this approach, we immediately respond to changes while delivering high quality products on time.
Value-driven delivery

Value-driven Delivery

Our project managed full stack development capabilities combined with quality assurance, results in faster delivery, lower development costs and more stable products. We always exceed our client’s expectations.
Exceptional communication

Exceptional Communication

Our project managers in our Folsom and San Jose office in Northern California , or in our Los Angels office in Southern California are always in touch, keeping you updated with reports. Every time a new feature is developed and completed, it is presented during a demo presentation at the end of each sprint.
Lessons learned

Lessons Learned

Following the completion of each project, our project managers share their experiences with each other to constantly improve our understanding of domains and the needs of diverse businesses and industries.

We help you achieve your targeted and planned business goals







Managed Budget and Schedule

Our project managers are excellent communicators, avid problem solvers and expert at project planning. They manage your budget and scope while adhering to deadlines and creating value for your business.

Client-team Collaboration

Our clients are always on top of project technical and non-technical details thanks to our frequent reporting system. This allows our clients to be an active participant in the development process of our team.

Demo presentation

Demo Presentation

After each sprint is completed, our team communicates the results via a demo presentation to receive client’s approval or change of request if necessary.
Agile Retrospective Report

Agile Retrospective Report

An agile retrospective report reflects our team’s observation on what happened in the iteration and identifies actions for improvement going forward, like what worked well? What didn’t work? And what actions can be talked to improve process for upcoming sprints.

Sprint Report

A sprint report provides you with a quick snapshot or visual presentation of how a spring is progressing.

Our skilled project managers help to streamline your business process with Store4, our
scalable automated sales force ERP System.

It is the first ever social ERP user friendly cloud application where you can manage your entire sales order/billing/shipping process smoothly.

Team members can communicate and collaborate with each other within a private social networking environment, make comments, share documents and follow company protocols. It comes in two versions: SaaS, subscription based services and enterprise.