Technology Guest Post Guidelines

Write For Us!

Why Write For Uniwebb Software Blog?

The Uniwebb blog is almost nine years old!

Our blog posts and articles are sent to over 8600 subscribers. From C-level executives to technology enthusiasts and small business owners.

When your artcile is posted on Uniwebb blog page. It is shared with leaders and passionate entrepreneurs.

We accept original, passionate, and quality articles/blog posts from all kinds of technology experts and writers preferably in the following areas:
Artificial Intelligence
Business Process Automation
Software Programming
Business Intelligent Analysis

Please submit your article to the editor:[email protected]. Start the subject line with GUEST POST (in ALL CAPS).

When you send your article, please adhere to the following guidelines:

1. General Guildelines
Bear in mind that our readers are highly professional. Keep your articles respectful to the readers. Avoid writing articles that are basic, watery and opinionated.

We ONLY Accept:

Inquiries from authorized addresses or domains (No public email domains).
[email protected]
[email protected] Not accepted
Must have an existing blog with traffic
Original content. So, please send your original work. No previously published content will be accepted.
Unique articles. All posts must be unique to our blog!

We Do NOT Accept:

Promotional articles for your company or organization.
Posts that are NOT useful and do not provide meaningful insights to the reader.
Inaccurate articles or offensive posts.

2. Copy Requirements:

An article must have a minimum of 1500 words. Articles that have over 2000 words have priority of being published.
Your article must have a well written introduction.
Your article must have a conclusion.
Your article must be free of any grammatical errors or typos.
Your article must be easily readable and not more than 5 lines in length for each paragraph. Use sub-headlines and bulletpoints where appropriate.
Any statement you make in your article must include the linked source. We will check for source reliability.
Include visual aid images like charts, diagrams, or relevant images in your article.
Please inculde all image copyrights and permissions for use and cite the source.
Highlight two to three key ideas of your article as quotes - list them separately at the bottom of your article.
Include a short author biography (60 words maximum) and your picture. Your bio can include two (do-follow) links to your website.

What to expect after you submit your article to us?

Allow us a week to review your article, so please be patient until we get back to you.
If we don't contact you within a week, it means your article was not approved by our editors.
If we believe that there is room for improvement in your article, we will share you our thoughts.

If you have any questions, please address them to [email protected]